29/01/2018 23:16
I have just finished "How We Fall", my new record for the great lable RareNoise Records.... Here is a teaser...more infos shortly...
16/03/2016 15:22
I am happy to anounce the release of my record "The Beauty of Disaster"; on Vinyl, CD, FLAC, Download etc... The reviews are exceptionally good so far; please visit my Facebookpage. to have a look at the reviews in international magazins More informations about the project...
12/01/2016 14:05
24/06/2015 11:03
19.6.2015 Live at Mojo Club/Hamburg 20.6.2015 Live at Colloseum Lübeck
05/02/2015 13:36
A Really enoyable trip to Leeds for a Concert at Opera North.
10/09/2014 10:08
a little excerpt of last years appearance at Jazzfestival Frankfurt. With Eivind Aarset, Tim Harries, Stefan Lottermann, Emre Razamanoglou, James Woodrow.
27/08/2014 17:40
I did some work on Bach's BWV 668.... here:
26/05/2014 12:14
26/05/2014 12:12
Please have a look and listen to this...
27/01/2014 16:31!icebreaker-live/cxmy
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